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Elite Athletes







    Peak Performance Track Team is comprised of a handful of athletes with the potential to make the next United States Olympic Team in Track and Field. The team will train together in College Station, TX with the support of the Aggie family.



    The Peak Performance Track Team will provide the stable and professional system needed for an athlete to be competitive internationally.  Not only will the team help to enhance the athlete’s athletic achievements, but also it can impact the professional life of the athlete preceding their sports career.



    Unlike the majority of foreign countries, the national government and track federation doesn’t fund American Olympic Athletes.  Most Olympic athletes train and compete in the shadow of professional athletes.  The majority of Olympic hopeful athletes must resort to part-time jobs and fundraising to remain in the sport.  American athletes are having to compete against athletes who devote their lives totally to their sport.  The playing field is not always even.  Competitive athletes train 46-48 weeks out of the year and up to 30 hours per week.  This training schedule is becomes almost unbearable when added to 20-30 hours per week of work.   Our goal is to find private individuals to ease the financial burden of athlete dedicating their lives to represent our country in the Olympic Games. Any interested sponsors may contact athletes through this site.

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